In the Works

Today will be a short post (maybe). I wanted to go over a bit about what I’ve been working on lately (in case anyone is actually interested).

For those of you who know me, you know I’ve been writing or am writing 3 different books:

  1. SanctumYA/NA, science fiction, fantasy
  2. HavenYA, fantasy
  3. The Aldar DominionNA, science fiction

For details on these books, please visit the My Novels page.

These books mean the world to me, and I am always working on them, even after they’re “done”. What can I do though now that the book is over (you make ask)? Well, I can edit! And edit and edit and edit some more!! Seriously there is a lot of editing involved.

Sanctum cover
Sanctum temporary cover done by myself.

With Sanctum, I edited the book through 6 TIMES and I’m still not done. I’ve had 2 beta readers edit, and I’ve done many rounds of my own editing. After all that work I left Sanctum alone for over a year. (I wrote it back in 2011-2012, edited from 2012-2014.) I left it alone because I was too involved in it. I knew the story too well. On September 18th I decided to have a look at it again because I knew it needed more work before it was publishable. Boy was I right! Re-reading this after writing a whole novel and 1/3 of another I realized that this book was BAD! Not story wise, but the writing is too drawn out and has too much detail. There are a plethora of awkward sentences and weird descriptions. IT IS TERRIBLE! BUT I’m glad that I left it alone because now I understand the rejection, I understand why Sanctum didn’t place higher in the World’s Best Story contest, and I understand why I couldn’t find an agent to take it on.

Looking back on it I’m sorry for submitting this to people, because boy I hate it. But… I am more excited than ever to go back and work on it (imagine that)! So that is what’s been up with Sanctum – I have been editing the absolute CRAP out of it! I’ve been flinging sentences left and write, and utterly DESTROYING IT! It’s actually very therapeutic.

Haven temporary cover, drawn by Shelyse Richard, edited by myself.
Haven temporary cover, drawn by Shelyse Richard, edited by myself.

On to Haven! I finished Haven earlier this year (August 1st actually!). I had already been editing Haven as I went, along with my beta reader (Shelyse Richard <3). After her edits were done, I waited a few days and did a detailed edit through of my own. Then I did another. Then I got notes from my next beta reader, and now I’m working on those edits, as they are still coming. (She’s re-reading for proofing.) Haven has also been submitted to two international competitions, including the World’s Best Story contest, and the Bath Children’s Novel Award. I’ve also been querying Haven (unsuccessfully so far) and recently participated in #pitmad where I had 3 requests for submission! All in all, the stage I’m at with Haven is just nearing completion, putting the final edits in, polishing things up, and trying to get it out there!

The Aldar Dominion on the other hand is still very much in the works! I usually spend 2-4 days a week writing it, so I’ve only amassed about 40k thus far. But I’m working on! This novel is a bit different as well. Like Sanctum, it will be longer. It’s more of a new adult sci-fi novel, so there is a LOT of jam pack into one book! I’m very excited about it though, and loving the writing process! As the outline itself is 10k, you can be assured this is a well plotted and soon to be epic novel!

That’s it for now guys! I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about what I’m doing lately!

Stay classy internet!

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