Nanowrimo Prep: Snack time!

Who doesn’t love snacks? No seriously, who? CRAZY PEOPLE.

It’s that tiiiime, more NaNo Prep talk! I’m very excited to write this one about food because NOM, who doesn’t love food? If you said crazy people, you’re catching on!

If you’re new to Nanowrimo and aren’t quite sure what I’m talking about please see my Early Nano Prep blog post for more info and appropriate inspiration and linkage. But if you do know what Nano is, and you’re here for some fun, let’s get to it!

During the most grueling and intense month of your year (soon to be November), you will be subjected to such tortures as: sore fingers/wrists, possible arthritis, hunger pains, dehydration, and many more. All of these things can be solved (well aside from the arthritis really), with a few simple steps involving one key ingredient. SNACKS! (And breaks!)

If you’ve never heard of food/meal/snack prep, then let me explain. Basically you just need some tupperware and/or plastic baggies. Personally I use both, depending on the snack/meal. In my day to day life I do happen to meal prep, so it’s lucky you stumbled upon my humble blog posting! For this post we will only be covering snacks, but the same rules apply.

Step 1 – Head to your local grocery store. Pick out a plethora of healthy snacks (or unhealthy, depending on your poison). Some helpful suggestions:

  • Carrots (with or without dip)
  • Celery
  • Grapes
  • Yogurt
  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Berries
  • Your favorite veggies/fruit
  • Granola bars
  • Cereal
  • Popcorn

Those are just a few that I generally buy on a bi-weekly basis.

Step 2 – Now armed with a pile of snacks and tupperware/sandwhich baggies, it’s time to devise your plan!! Depending on the frequency in which you buy groceries, steps may repeat. For the sake of this step, we’ll say you’re prepping for a week. SO how many meals should you eat in a day? 3! How many snacks do you generally have? This will be personal for everyone, but on a regular day I have 2 snacks at work and usually one in the evening. Sometimes this can be more, depending on the day/what I’m having for dinner/lunch. In this step you need to choose how many snacks you will need!

Step 3 – Now you need to pick your snacks according to the last step! I choose 3. So from my bag of tricks, I need to have 21 snacks for the week. Sounds like a lot, but this next step is easy! Taking my bag of carrots, I’ll distribute them into proper portion sizes inside my small snack sized baggies. Once I have my baggies filled, I’m set! That leaves 14 to go. Next I’ll choose yogurt for 4 of my days as I have a pack of 4. You guys get my drift right? Easy!

Step 4 – Be sure that you’ve sealed your baggies and tupperware well so you don’t get any of your snacks going bad on you! This is VERY important! If you’re in the middle of writing and get the munchies, you want to grab a nice little bag of GOOD carrots, not gross slimy ones, or ones that have dried out.

Step 5 Last but not least, place your snacks in a spot you can easily grab them from and get back to work!!

More Tips:

  • Choose your snacks wisely. You want finger food so you can keep typing, OR something you can eat one handed (so you can keep typing with one hand).
  • Don’t choose messy snacks. You don’t want sticky fingers all over your keyboard.
  • Have beverages ready too! Bottled water is perfect as well if you’re on the go!
  • I also recommend meal prep if you live on your own like I do! It will save you money AND most importantly, TIME! It’s much easier to throw a meal in the microwave then spending 30 minutes making supper! It also keeps your from making unhealthy choices like delivery Chinese or frozen pizza! (Not that I don’t love those as much as the next gal!)

That’s all I have for this post! For more info on Nanowrimo, head over to their website! For more ideas on snacks, hit up your local grocery store/pinterest/the internet for inspiration!

See you guys soon!

Stay classy internet!

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