Pitch Parties and Contests!

If you haven’t been in the writing world long, you may not know about pitch parties and certain writing contests, not to mention what they can do for you!

In this post I’m going to go over some of the pitch parties coming up, a few you may have missed, and WHY you should be participating in these events! Please note though, that any pitch party you participate in are usually for your complete and polished manuscripts.

WHAT can pitch parties do for you? Pitch parties can get you out there. They can get you noticed. But what is a pitch party, you may ask? A pitch party is usually an event on Twitter, sponsored by a publisher, group/single agent or writer. In these events, you must create a 140 character pitch for your novel, including the designated hashtag. For example Pit2LP is going on RIGHT NOW. What is Pit2LP? Pit2LP stands for Pitch to Limitless Publishing. Today is one of the only days in the year they open their doors to authors and ask them to send their pitches (with the hashtag and genre hashtag of course). This is a great way to get your work noticed by LP’s editors! If they favorite/star your pitch, YOU’RE IN! All you have to do from there is following the guidelines on the website and query away! It’s THAT simple!

Example of a Twitter pitch:


This is just one of the many pitches I’m using today for the #Pit2LP pitch party.

WHEN to pitch: Have you recently finished polishing your un-published manuscript? Does your book fit into into the genre of the pitch party? THEN PITCH THAT BABY!


#Pit2LP: October 15th (TODAY!)

#PitchSlam: October 17th

#PitchCB: October 23rd

#KidPit: November 12th

#Pitmad: December 4th

#SFFPit: December 10th


#NoQS: October 15th (TODAY! But it is only the first round of pitches, there are still several other events to participate in with this contest. You don’t NEED to participate today to take part in the other days.)

Find more info on all of these pitch parties/contests and more HERE.

I think that just about covers everything. If you have any more questions, leave them in the comment section or hit me up on Twitter where I’ll be #Pit2LP-ing all day!

Stay classy internet!

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