NaNoWriMo Week 1

So how is everyone doing this week?! The first week of NaNo is up (technically was on Sunday), so how are your word counts looking? Are you still in the zone? Does the inspiration just FLOW FROM YOUR PORES or are you starting to flag a little?

Let’s be honest, a lot of people fall into one or all of these categories or have at least some point during the week. So to show everyone that you’re not alone, I’ve decided to give some thoughts on how each day has gone for me!


Spirits are high, but energies are low. A lack of sleep has contributed to this, I’m sure of it. After spending several hours reading what I already have of The Aldar Dominion, I try to write. After about 1500 words I stop. BREAK TIME! When I get back to what I’ve written already, I reread. WOW did I just write this? What is this garbage? *Spends 30 minutes editing* Much better! And oh look I’m up to 2k already!


LET’S WRITE! It’s only 1600 words right? 500 words in – whyyyyyy?!?! Why do I suck?!?! 1000 words later. Wow this turned out a lot better than I thought.

Then I ended up coming back to writing later in the night and did two 300 word sprints. I lost both, but it was definitely fun! Almost 3k done today!


*Reading 300 sprints* O.O This is terrible. *Edits for 30 minutes.* SO much better, and up another 100 words or so. Gets back to writing, doing some witty character banter definitely helps here. Introducing some new characters and trying not to info dump. Over 2k clocked again but officially questioning parts of my story and whether they are good enough or as strong as the first of the book.

Oh god… oh god the info dump is coming… oh no. Twitter how do I help this? How do I stop it? -Awesome twitter follower helps immensely- THANK YOU YOU’RE AWESOME! SPICE SPICE SPICE that info! God my characters amuse me sometimes and I’m so happy I get to write another action scene! Another 1k!


My mind is a cold museless place… desolate of drive. The lack of sleep and coffee are definitely not helping. LUCKY FOR ME the first Saint John Write-In is tonight!

I may have spent all day moping instead of writing up until that write in. Somehow the muse clawed its way out of the dark recesses of my mind and helped me write 2100 words. Also met some cool writers and I’m now only a couple hundred short of 10k!


When I got home Wednesday night my power was off, and wasn’t back in the morning. Why do you care? This is my excuse for why I couldn’t write during the day. I couldn’t send myself the up to date document, so I didn’t even know where I was… (In my defense I really didn’t remember aside from the fact that shit was about to go down.)


Heading to Charlottetown, PEI for the weekend… But need to get work done. o.e Must.. write.. on bus… even though… it’s 6 in the goddamn morning!


Ahem, did not write…. >.> I’m terrible I know.

This week I set a goal of 15k since I knew I’d be away for the weekend through to Monday. I ended up with 11k words by the end of Monday. Whoops…

Week 1 findings:

-Lack of drive is tough, but it can be worked through.
-Writing buddies are a GODSEND.
-Word sprints are stressful but get shit done.
-There is ALWAYS time to write. (Even if you choose not to)
-If you get stuck, tell twitter. People will rescue you from yourself!
-Go to write-ins. I know, you’re an introvert like me. You’re a gremlin who wants to stay in their cave, but just DO IT (hehe Shia). Seriously, try it at least once. If you don’t like it, you never have to go again!

Well that’s how my week has basically gone! I learned a lot, and got shit done (in the first of the week at least). How about you guys? Let me know in the comments below! My goal for next week is to plow through another 15k to makeup for this week! I’m hoping to end Week 2 between 25k and 30k.

Stay classy internet!

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