NaNoWriMo Week 2

NaNoWriMo is definitely in full swing now! We’re half way done with the coming of Sunday. Week 2 is over, so it’s time to look back and see how things went!

Week 1 I aimed for 15k and fell short at 11k by Monday. (boooo!) This week I aimed to add in another 15k to bring myself between 25k and 30k. Let’s see how that went…


Travel day! From Friday-Monday I was in Charlottetown PEI, leading to my lack of word count by the end of week 1. Most of today would be spent traveling, and writing on a bus isn’t super fun, but I did make it work. At the bus switch in Moncton I took to writing and came up with a couple hundred words in 20 minutes before jumping back on the final leg of my trip. Between Moncton and Saint John I clocked 2100 words (most of which were on that bus)!

So this 2100 is what brought me up to 11k. (SAD!)


Baaaack to work. Gross. I think the weekend really did me some good though. Last week I was forcing my way through parts I didn’t feel like writing, and that really made the writing suffer. But today all that muse came rushing in and by 2pm I was at 3208 words! Great start to the week!


Today is Remembrance Day in Canada, which means work isn’t quite as busy as it usually is, thus today I’m committing myself to writing! Weirdly, the muse just flowed and flowed today. I only stopped when I got through a big part I was pumped to write (including FIGHT SCENES which are MY FAV!). So taking my time today I managed to get caught up by 7010 words, all before 5pm! Very excited about that, as it brings me up to where I should have been in the first place.

Now there’s no write in tonight because of the holiday, so I’ll have to wait until next week! Hope the writing group is all sticking to it!


Though I’m super tired today, I’m still feeling the muse! This week is crazy! It could be because I’m coming up on the rising action to the end of my novel. If it’s not, I have no idea where this is coming from! Either way, this week my writing feels much better and less forced. Reading back what I’ve read yesterday, I’ve still very much into it!

600 words in I realized that today is #KidPit and I’m the moron who didn’t remember. Taking a quick break to get my pitches ready for Haven.

Periodic #KidPit breaks are making writing a bit slow today. Doubled my earlier word count but I’ve arrived at a part that I’m not entirely sure about. Dammit, another one of these… At least this is only a quick chapter to get through and then we’re ramping up for the rising action followed by the climax! Writing emotional bits is so not my strong suit. Unless I’m killing someone off… then I’m all over that!


Friday is actually my day off, so honestly I was busy with errands and visiting family and I just made excuses not to write.


Same here! I’m a bad girl, I know!


Back to work for me! Even though I was tired and not sure what I was going to write, I went forward with purpose and wrote almost 3500 words before noon! Which is crazy for me. Usually my brain doesn’t START working until noon. The rising action is definitely helping, as did a little break. I find taking a break really helps me put my story and writing into perspective. Instead of being caught on a point like I was a couple days ago, I soared through it, muse coming from places I didn’t even know existed!

So I DID end up reaching my goal this week! Just in time for the half way point celebration tonight!

Things I’ve learned this week:
-It’s very possible to work through your museless points, but there’s nothing like muse to help you GET SHIT DONE!
-Procrastination in the devil.
-Work through the hard parts.
-Take breaks.
-Re-reading what you’ve wrote in the last few days and editing can help increase your word count. (Even if we’re not supposed to edit before December >.>).

Definitely happy to have made my goal this week and get myself caught up after my long weekend last week!

How did everyone else do? Hit the 25k mark? If not you’re leaving yourself with some catching up to do! Let me know in the comments how you did.

That’s all for today!

Stay classy internet!

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