NaNoWriMo Week 3

Starting off this week with a little over 25k. Goal for the week: get to 40k. WE CAN DO THIS GUYS! Second to last week, DO NOT LET THOSE WORD COUNTS FLAG!


Last night was a blast meeting with everyone for our midway celebration! It definitely inspired me to get to writing and catch up to some of those higher word counts!

When I got to my day job today, I got to work writing immediately (between calls and other work things). I got about 2k in fairly quickly and started to flag a little after that. But still I’m pressing on! Nearing the end of the Aldar Dominion and it’s pretty much all I can think about. By the end of the day I ended with a bit over 5k!


This is probably the weirdest muse week ever (even after last week). Happy to say I got to work immediately again today and pushed to 2346 before lunch!

Now I’m sinking into that place where I don’t want to end the book just because I don’t want it to be over… (I do that with literally every book I write). BUT since this is NaNo, I KNOW I have to! The climax of the story has been written and we’re moving into falling action, where we still get some very dramatic bits! At least I made the end of this book super exciting so it’s hard NOT to write!


Oh my lord I’m writing the final chapter of my book today and didn’t even realize it. One thing I took note of in my timeline is that the scenes involved are most likely going to be much longer than previously anticipated. Which is GOOD because I’m worried about word count at the moment.

Writing is slow going today but I’m working on it! Got about 1k written in the first few hours of work. They decided to crank the lights today, so the migraine is real. Write-in tonight though, so I’m planning to catch up!

Holy sprints! We did 5, 10 and 15 minute sprints all evening! Phew, what a work out! I ended up adding another 4000 words to my earlier thousand, bringing me up to 5k for the day! Wooo!


Oh god, about to write the final scene of the book! There is still a following epilogue, BUT STILL!

WROTE IT! All the feels! Like whoa, can’t believe I just wrote that. So excited about the ending! I was falling a bit short on my preferred word count though, so I did go back and add some stuff before the actual ending. I’ve only written the required amount, but I’m still feeling really good about it!

Now the question becomes… to Epilogue? Or not to Epilogue? Hmm…


Almost 3000 words finished off the book, bringing the Aldar Dominion to a total of 75k, with over 40k being written during NaNoWriMo.

I feel empty inside, like my story is gone and I want it back… And I still need to add another 10k for NaNo. Shit. What have I done?

Went back and added some more to the climax to make it even more intense! Added another 1k!


Day off. Pretty much always a write off for me.


*looks around guiltily*


Well I started editing The Aldar Dominion through today to look for scenes to add to, but so far I’ve only added about 50 words… whoops!

MADE THE GOAL! So pumped to have actually made it where I wanted to be this week, and with only a few days left! Technically I finished the Aldar Dominion, but I’m still unhappy with the word count, so I’ll be spending my time this week adding that last few thousand words in!

How did your week go? Let me know in the comments below!

Stay classy internet!

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