NaNoWriMo Week 4 (Final week!)

Good morning everyone, and happy December 1st!

That’s it, NaNo is officially done! Honestly I’m kind of sad to see it go! I met a lot of cool people during NaNo and had some great discussion. Not to mention NaNo was motivation central! I hope everyone made it, I certainly did (just!).

So let’s take a look at the last week of NaNo to see how things were winding down…

Very happy to say I met my goals last week and finished The Aldar Dominion! This week I’m making it all about adding in some extra bits. I still need a little over 8000 words to make NaNo, but so far I’m not entirely sure where to add a couple scenes! So this week I’ll spend it re-reading the book and adding words/scenes wherever I can!


Unfortunately I was sick today and unable to write. Headaches have been killer!


Working through the book slowly but surely! Mostly just adding tidbits of detail in, describing the aliens a bit more thoroughly, but also letting people fill in the blanks themselves.

I went back and added another scene too, not a long one, but between it and my edits I got 1708 words in!


Continuing with the same shenanigans as yesterday, editing through the book, adding in some detail phrases and rewording. Re-reading through this book is making me realize how much I love it!

Through the day and into the write in I got about 2000 more words in! Up to over 45k by bedtime!


Pretty much the same as yesterday without the write in and not quite so many words. Only about 800 words came from this brain today! At least that’s 800 words closer to 50k!


Ahem, my day off.


I know I’m terrible.


Back to work! Added in another 1200 words throughout the day. Really enjoying this reread!


EEK! Last day of NaNo! And I still have a little ways to go, oh no! 2759 words left to make my word count. LET’S DO THIS!

Well today was NOT the day to procrastinate, but Twitter is an addicting drug that I need an intervention for. I ended up writing throughout the day and into the evening to finish a little above 50k! Very excited to finally win with NaNoWriMo!

Well that’s it guys! NaNoWriMo is over! How did you all do? Finish your word count, or get stuck a little behind? Remember whether you finished or not you WROTE something. You used your creativity and your passion to start a book, and that is worth celebrating!

I may have some post NaNo editing tips coming up in the next few weeks, but I wish you all luck on your writing journeys!

Stay classy internet!

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