How to “Social Media” when life gets busy

A lot of people have this issue I think. It’s hard to spend countless hours of Social Media every day and still get things done. Where it can be a fun place to pass some time, it generally isn’t a productive place. But you still need to engage with your fans, readers or soon to be fans, right? Right! So let’s go over a few tips to help you “Social Media” on a busy schedule.

1. Twitter: I myself use twitter A LOT. It’s a great place to meet other readers, writers, and even publishing professionals. It’s ALSO a complete time zap. So how do I keep posts going without haunting my twitter feed all day? I use Tweetdeck! Tweetdeck is AWESOME. It automatically hooks up to your twitter when you sign in, so you can literally see all your feeds in one place. This especially comes in handy if you have multiple accounts to juggle. But how do I use Tweetdeck? I use it to schedule my tweets! You can literally write your tweets, insert links, pictures, etc, and schedule a time when you want that tweet to go out. Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 11.08.26 AM.pngAwesome right? Hell yes it is! Spending 10 minutes scheduling your tweets for the week is much better than spending hours every day trolling Twitter for the latest and greatest.

My second Twitter tip is just to schedule time for yourself to be on twitter. BUT you have to stick to it. Schedule 15 minutes a day in which you will scour your twitter feed, or maybe even 5 minute breaks throughout the day. This way you’re still engaging with your audience and friends, but you’re not spending hours on end simply scrolling.

2. Facebook: Another huge time waster. It’s SO easy to get caught up in scrolling through all the gossip, the photos, the articles, etc. I do this myself at least once or twice a day, for long periods of time. But how can you minimize your time scrolling, and replace it with meaningful posts on your page or group? Similar to Tweetdeck, you can schedule that shit! Some people seriously don’t know this. You know that little arrow beside the “post” button? If you hit that instead, it will give you a drop down menu with the option of scheduling your post. Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 11.06.17 AM.png

This will save you HOURS and I mean HOURS of scrolling through Facebook. Simply spend 10 minutes at the beginning of the week and schedule posts for each day. That way you can still engage without wasting your time.

3. Youtube: Oh you know you spend hours watching pointless Youtube videos. You KNOW YOU DO. Don’t even bother denying it! I’m really bad for this, but as a Youtuber I like to explain it away to myself as “supporting the community”. And sure! That’s just want it is, BUT it needs to come in moderation.

Some tips for getting your but off Youtube, and to keep producing content, again you can SCHEDULE your videos. So you look all nice today, ready to film a video? Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 11.10.38 AM.pngYou know what, instead of filming one, why not two? That way you can edit and schedule them for the same week or the week after.
There yah go, suddenly you don’t have one video a week, you have two! Or you have two videos ready for subsequent weeks. It’s as easy as changing your shirt in a Vlog for people to think you’ve filmed on a different day. I know I do this plenty. It’s a lot easier to edit a video on one of your down days then to dress up and do it all in one go!

4. Instagram: This is probably the first app you may have that you cannot schedule posts on. Honestly I’m not a fan of that fact. BUT sending out a quick picture to all your social media groups is a pretty quick way to engage on all platforms. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr, you can quickly snap a pic, throw on a filter, hashtag it up, and send that photo to four different Social Media streams.

Though you may want to keep your content different across the board, this is a quick way to engage on a day you’re running behind on seemingly everything.

So those are my quick tips on how to embrace Social Media, even on a busy schedule. If you have any more tips leave me a comment below and maybe we’ll revisit this topic one day!

My question for YOU today is: What is your favorite Social Media platform and why?

Thanks for reading, and stay classy internet!

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