The Monster that is Procrastination – Q&A w/ Storybrush Studios!

Welcome, welcome, one and all to the toughest part of being a create individual. Procrastination.

Procrastination is a monster like none other. It halts productivity, puts off the important things, and worst of all, builds up until you have no idea how you let so many things go for so long! We’ve all experienced it. We’ve all had to face it. So to tackle this monster of a subject, I enlisted Shelyse Richard of Storybrush Studios to give me a hand!

Let’s get started!

Q1: What does procrastination mean to you?

KAT: Procrastination is the ugly snake under my bed. It’s something I’ve always struggled with, and something I probably always will struggle with. That being said, it’s also something for me to overcome, and I like a challenge.

SHEL: Procrastination is something that sneaks up on you. Sometimes you don’t realize you’re doing it right away. It’s a bad habit of putting off something unnecessarily for no good reason. 

Q2: How often do you procrastinate?

KAT: Pretty damn often. At least a few times a week. Mostly I like to put off specific tasks that I’m not eager to complete.

SHEL: Probably too often still, though I’m working on it. I don’t procrastinate as much as I used to, but there are probably a few small things a week that I put off.

Q3: What do you most often put off?

KAT: Editing. I mean part of me likes editing, while the rest of me wants to hiss at it like a vampire exposed to the sun. More specifically I like to put off inserting new scenes of rewriting chapters completely. That always seems like SO much more work than just going through and checking for sentence structure, thus why it gets pushed and easier editing replaces it.

SHEL: I suppose probably the smaller things such as putting clean laundry away (or doing laundry) or dishes that need to be done. I do it a lot with certain books I’m reading too – It’s not that I don’t want to read them or that they aren’t good, I just get distracted from them by things like reading articles on my phone, browsing uselessly on the web, watching Netflix or simply buying a new book that I’m too excited to read without finishing the other 5 I was in the process of reading first.

Q4: How do you overcome this beast?

KAT: At this moment in time, not very often or very well! Don’t get me wrong, I still get stuff done. How I procrastinate is I like to put off what I don’t want to do and replace it with other things that I can do quickly and cross them off my to-do list(s). So at the end of the day I can tell myself I accomplished a lot… even if I’m ignoring the things I still don’t want to do.

SHEL: Hmm… I suppose I wrestle with it a while until I get to a point where I give in and realize that I really need to do that thing I don’t feel like doing. Sometimes the pressure of a deadline will kick me in gear or the nagging sense of having to get it done at some point starts to bother me too much. I think a good practice would be to simply get whatever it is done first or right away rather than waiting. Or, writing a list of what you need to accomplish in order of priority and actually doing it in that order whether you like it or not. If you wait once then you’ll keep putting it off. Might as well nip it in the bud. 

Q5: When is it time to tell yourself “enough is enough”?

KAT: Deadlines. Enough is enough when a deadline is looming and I’m panicking to get something done. Right now I have a few deadlines, ones that aren’t quite looming yet so much as they’re on the horizon. Setting personal deadlines helps me defeat procrastination more often than not, as long as I hold myself accountable. If I don’t, then really I only have the important deadlines holding me to my work. And that’s not good.

SHEL: Like I said before, deadlines will definitely get me going because of the pressure. Sometimes a little pressure can be a good and healthy thing. Also, I just get tired of the stress and clutter (either physical clutter or mental) that procrastination causes and the guilt of giving in to the habit, so I do away with it

Q6: Any advice for your fellow man/woman trying to overcome procrastination?

KAT: My last piece of advice on procrastination… just don’t. Don’t do it. Procrastination does a lot of horrible things to your work ethic, and schedule. Don’t let it be the boss of you! More specifically, if you’re putting something off, set a deadline when you MUST complete it. Post it on Social Media, tell your friends, your parents, etc, so avoid the embarrassment of not completing it. Trust me, it works.

SHEL: I’m not sure if there is much else I could add. On top of all that, I would suggest asking yourself why you are procrastinating something and answer it honestly. This will take a bit of self reflection, but sometimes you’ll find that maybe you’re too busy and need better balance in your life, or maybe you’re afraid/insecure about doing that particular thing. I think identifying where the problem starts within yourself will help to remedy it on top of all the practical things we’ve both mentioned. Besides that, just try to form the habit of  doing something as soon as possible rather than as late as possible and you’ll reduce a lot of stress in your life. 

Do you think you’re ready to face the monster that is procrastination? If so, hazzah! This post worked! If not, keep trying and do NOT give up! I believe in you and I know you can do this.

A big thank you to Shelyse for participating in today’s post. We’ve decided to make this a regular thing and have Shelyse guest in a post once a month for the foreseeable future. If you have any suggestions, questions or comments, please leave us a comment below, or feel free to ask us across our many social media platforms.

Find Shelyse (Storybrush Studios) on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & her Website.

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Thanks for stopping by for a read! Stay classy internet!

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