Beyond the RedBeyond the Red by Ava Jae

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

BEYOND THE RED is an action packed sci-fi adventure that any YA loving nerd is SURE to love. I’m not often one for 5/5 stars, but Ava Jae’s young adult science fiction debut really broke the mold.

In a galaxy far from our own, two races live on one very sandy planet, where aliens have a royalty system built into their society, and humans are struggling to survive (and not be captured and enslaved by their alien nemesis). BEYOND THE RED is dual point of view, from a half-human, half alien and an alien queen. When half-blood, Eros, is taken, he’s put into slavery. But when he meets alien queen, Kora, they both learn a dark secret about Eros’s lineage, a mystery that unravels throughout the novel.

This book passed ALL of my expectations. Both main characters were so alive, and I never found myself wanting to skip ahead to the other’s chapters. Kora is a beautiful bad ass, not just a dainty little girl, while Eros is a warrior of his own, impressing even the alien guard. Both develop a meaningful relationship together, while battling all the odds, which are SERIOUSLY stacked against them.

If you love YA sci-fi, you will be enthralled by BEYOND THE RED. Jae weaves not only an exciting tale, but brings your imagination to life on this beautiful new world. 110% recommended. 5/5 writing, style, plot/character development. There was nothing I did not like about this masterpiece.

Highly anticipating a sequel, as well as all of Jae’s future works.

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