Top 5 NaNoprep Tips

Alright guys, it’s Nanoprep time.

Ready to get serious? Ready to get down and dirty with the nitty gritty details? I hope so!

Nanoprep is all about getting ready to commit yourself to 50k in November, which is by no means a small feat. You have to either write 1600 words a day, or choose your battles and write a LOT more than that to make it. It’s a ton of work, but it is SO worth it. So let’s go over my top 5 tips for your best Nanoprep yet!

1. Get involved in your local Nano group: Seriously. Do. It. NOW. You will have your own network of locals to meet with weekly and discuss Nano, do writing sprints, talk about writing, and get your word count up. They are incredibly helpful, and it helps to have a change to scenery when you have 50k to write.

2. Plan your month: Time is precious. wrist-watch-watch-clock-time-66226What days are you busy? Do you have school, work, or a special occasion you can’t miss? Take a calendar and write that shit down so you know what days your word counts are going to suffer and where you can pick them back up again. This also helps to schedule some time off from writing, and be sure you’re keeping up with everything else that’s important in your life.

3. Seek out a writers group: If you have trouble keeping to a schedule, or writing a lot
in a short amount of time, you want a group that’s going to keep you accountable.Β Whether that be your local Nano group, your friends online, or what have you, get a group together and keep each other updated. Set a goal for the week or the day. If you don’t complete it, have those people/that person check in with you to see how you did. If you’re consistently saying “Sorry, bud, didn’t do it”, that’s going to start to feel pretty shitty.

4. Outline like a mofo: I’m big on outlining. The more detail the better. But the big purpose of the outline is to know where your story is going. To all the pantsers out there, I’m sorry, but pantsing is not for me and I think most people would do much better with an outline in a situation like Nano. So take your story, go chapter by chapter and decide WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN. What do Mary and Joe get up to? Is there a fight scene?Β Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetWhatever your story is about, outlining it will help assure you that you always know what comes next. Not only will you ALWAYS be ready for your next scene, you can even plot out world building and character development all in advance to come out with the most well devised draft possible.

5. Know your story: A lot of this comes from planning and outlining. Know your characters, know your plot, know your story. Work with them throughout October to get them in shape for the coming journey. Read through your notes and create a timeline, word pyramid, or whatever it is you do to keep your ideas straight. But come November 1st, know your stuff, and the writing will come.

Any tips you think I missed? Let me know in the comments below! Nano prep only has a couple more weeks, so if there’s something you’d like me to cover, be sure to ask before it’s too late!

Good luck everyone, and stay classy internet!

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