Nanoprep: Character Worksheet (2016)

Hey guys! NaNoWriMo is almost here!! Can you even believe it?

I haven’t spent as much time Nanoprepping as I probably should have this year, given I was trying desperately to finish writing the Queen of Thieves before November. Somehow I finished it over a week early (woo!), so that’s giving me some extra time to figure out everything.

For this year’s Nano project, I’ll be writing the sequel to Haven, which is pretty exciting, let me tell yah. SAVAGES is going to be a fun, although very dark YA project, which actually kind of works since QoT was really dark too and I’m already in the mindset for that!

Anywho! For today’s post I thought we’d do something a little different. Character worksheets are great for figuring out your MC, their motives, their relationships, what makes them tick, etc. I’ve done one for the last few main characters I’ve written, but you can also do them for your supporting characters. Honestly, I don’t just because I usually go over a lot of supporting characters in my MC’s character worksheet, so doing it twice seems a bit silly.

For the second year in a row, I’ll be using Pen and Muses character worksheet that you can easily find here.

If you want more explanation on why I do things the way I do, check out last year’s worksheet where I go over each point in more detail after answering the question. This is a bit longer than the one I did last year, and a LOT shorter than the one I did for QoT, so if yours falls somewhere in between, you’re doing great!

Here we go!


Main character: Breen Ruin (Bree)

Age: 16 (first part) 18-19 (second part)

Physical Appearance: Dark hair, nearly black. Mongolian. Dark brown eyes. Keeps her hair in many braids at all times (thick ones that sweep the hair from her face). 5’6’’, muscled, slight curves, but more toned than anything. Wears a lot of rough dark leather.

Personality Traits: Cocky, sassy, a bit arrogant. Strong willed. Honor-bound. Fierce protectiveness for her family and friends. Stubborn. Very family-oriented. Wants to have a family one day, and bring honor to her family in doing so. Extroverted. Takes charge. Not afraid to lead.

Favorite Things: Wrestling (beating the boys), teaching the children of her tribe, having dinner with her father, a feather necklace on a leather chain passed down by her mother.

Flaws: Arrogant, thinks she always knows best. Reckless in the face of protecting her own. Stubborn to a fault.

Quirks/Traits: Plays with her feather necklace when she’s afraid or worried. Twists her braids around her fingers when she’s thinking or nervous.

Love Interest: Drakkone: Seaburn-born soldier. Dark skin, hair and eyes. Tall, large muscles, kind eyes. Almost as stubborn as Breen. Joined the army believing it should be the duty of Seaburn citizens to fill their ranks, not the savages. Very good man.

What does your MC really want? To live a simple life with her family, training the children of her tribe, and growing up to be a good leader. When she’s taken, she wants nothing more than to be free, to kill the Emperor for enslaving her people, and to return home. [spoilers redacted]

She also really wants to have children, to bring honor to her family by expanding their line. She’s not so interested in marriage as she is having children to love and care for.

What changes about your character through the story? (spoilers)


Chief Ruin (father): Strong man, head of the tribe. Inspires those around him. Intelligent, great at strategy. Sometimes held back by his love for his daughter. Always wanted more children, but after Kianne nearly died having Breen, he didn’t want to risk the life of his wife.

Late thirties. Very tall and muscular. Long dark hair, braided. Dark eyes, harsh features. Large, strong hands.

Kianne (mother): Late thirties. A very kind woman, strong, crafty and sassy like her daughter. Always has a smile on her beautiful face. Beautiful skin, hazel eyes and black hair. A bit shorter than her daughter.

No siblings. After Kianne nearly died having Breen, Chief Ruin didn’t want to risk the life of his wife.


Lukerin (friend): Breen’s betrothed has lived with their tribe for a long time at her father’s request. Though at first she wasn’t fond of the man, given he was there to steal her freedom, she grew to trust him as a friend (but no more) given he’s the only one who can occasionally best in her a fight. (A lot is placed on the ability to beat another in a fight.)

He is a tall man (18) with short black hair, toned, and wears a lot of worn leather. He likes to pick at her, making jokes at her expense. They’re very good friends, though Breen cannot picture ever marrying or having children with the man.

Vasily [Vas] (friend in second half): Original council member and rebel leader. Dark skin, shaved head, and dark eyes. Honorable man. Strong-willed but not a fighter. Prefers diplomacy. Stubborn belief that he is always right (very similar to Breen).

Enemies/Forces against the MC: Basically everyone. (lol jk, but kind of)

The Emperor and his minions.

Kadia’s shadow soldiers and those she’s hired to take Breen and Nina across the sea to Warshard.

How Breen feels about the others characters: (spoilers)

So there you have it! That’s my character worksheet for Breen, MC of SAVAGES. I had to redact a lot of information because SPOILERS, and I don’t want any of my readers stumbling upon these spoilers by accident before they get the chance to read the book.

When filling in your worksheet, write as much or as little as you want. Whether it turns out to be 2 pages or 20, that’s really up to you. Frankly, I include a LOT in mine typically so I always have a reference to go back to. But keep in mind, your character may change, I know mine have, and they will throughout the book. This is a great starting point either way, and will help you get inspired for the coming word fest!

I hope this helps!

Stay classy internet.

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