NaNoWriMo 2016 – Week 1

Boy this year’s Nano weeks are weird. Starting on a Tuesday, ending on a Monday… what is this?!

So it’s that time of year again. NaNoWriMo time. Honestly, this is probably my favorite time of the writing year. SO many people get together to support one another. I get to meet some local writers, get a crap ton done, and it just feels great to really focus on one project. Though this year I’m not entirely focusing on one project since I have marketing to do, but I’m only writing ONE project.

How I prepped this year:

  • Outlined ahead of time.
  • Character profile for the main character.
  • Made a crappy map to go by.
  • Found a bunch of inspiration photos for my world.
  • Wrote over 60k in October.

All of that has definitely contributed to a great start. So let’s get into it!


Preparation has made this much easier than I thought it’d be. After writing 60k in October, 5054 words on the first day comes pretty easy. But can I keep up the pace?


Today isn’t quite so easy, but I have a lot of scenes I’ve been looking forward to in this one. Lots of action scenes, lots of landscape description I’ve been dying to do! Also co-hosted a write in on the WordNerds channel, with some fellow Patchwork-Press authors! Ended up with 5208 for the day. Cannot even believe it.


OH GOD. Today is not the day. Flagging something fierce. Every word is difficult. The scenes are so emotional and so sad. So hard to keep writing these as if there is no hope for the characters. Only 2525 words flew from my fingers this day. Being extra tired did NOT help. Can I double it up tomorrow?


So early. So tired. Could not get back to sleep. Getting started is difficult, but before getting out of bed I spent some time thinking over what I had to do today. Apparently this really helped. Ended up with 5259 words. So I definitely recommend thinking about your scenes before you start!


I’m going to be really honest here… I might have binge watched Once Upon a Time most of the day, sooooo whoops? I did end up with 2210 words still (because I forced myself to), so I’m moderately happy with that.


YouTube videos are so distracting I swear. Got up early to write. Watched videos for like 2 hours (or so). At least I wrote 2124 words by lunch though! Even though my brain was mush last night, took some time to participate in the WordNerds Sunday check in/write in, which was a great time, and very helpful for word count. Ended up with 5044 words by the end of the day!


Getting started surprisingly well today! I think getting up at a good time, getting fed and caffeinated early helped – plus FINALLY a better sleep. Working with my writing buddies today on some more sprints! Ended up with 5289 by supper time, bringing me to 30k to end off the first week!

Feeling really good about this week! Thanks to sprints, and my writing buddies, I came in at 30,623 for first week of Nano. Honestly, I find it hard to believe I wrote this much. But I did, and I’m pretty proud of that! Literally the most I’ve EVER written in a week.

Things I learned:

  • Writing Buddies are actually life savers, just saying.
  • Breaks are good, but shouldn’t be used for watching videos/Netflix. 10 minutes quickly turned into an hour.
  • Spend some time planning/thinking about a scene before writing it. Makes it 1000 times easier to write!

How is everyone else doing for Week 1? Good I hope! Let me know in the comment section below how you’ve done, if you’re keeping up, falling behind, or need any help!

Stay classy internet!

PS: If you want to try some virtual write-ins, I’ll be co-hosting another with the WordNerds this Wednesday November 9th and another on the 21st I believe. So come out, have some virtual fun, and ask any questions you might have for the panel!

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