NaNoWriMo 2016 – Week 2

Good afternoon guys! How is everyone doing?

NaNo week 2 is officially DONE! That means you should be half way through, at 25k! Is everyone caught up? Way ahead? Lagging behind? Let me know in the comment section below!

This week I knew I had some things coming up, with a friend visiting from home, and my final return to my usual home (been staying away, more on that later), so I set my word count a bit lower for this week, hoping for around 15k. So let’s see how I did!


Not a bad writing day, but not the best either. Got in about 4096 before the election hit.


Today was brutal. Not completely writing wise, but election wise. Stayed up until 4am my time to finish watching it. What a travesty. By the next day, internet was still a pit of despair, and understandably so. After lunch I ended up rallying thanks to the amazing ladies at Patchwork-Press! We continued to hold out word sprints over on the WordNerds channel, which wasn’t quite as exciting with last night’s news, but still got some work done. Ended the day with 3134 words.


Today is the day I finally have my laptop back!! Woo! For the last 2 weeks I had been staying at my parent’s home so I had access to computers most of the day while my laptop was in the shop. Finally got it back, and it’s working great which means I get to GO HOME! Between packing, catching up with the boyfriend I haven’t seen in 2 weeks, and finally getting to relax, I only ended up with 2235 words in the morning before everything else happened!


Another crap writing day, but at least I DID IT! Friend was home for the weekend (she lives away), so spent the day between her, and again, catching up with the boy. Today marks the 11th straight day of writing for NaNo, which is a lot better than last year. Only 2000 words (exactly) written at 11pm at night, but at least they were done and I hit my goal for the day!


Well my writing was definitely lagging this week, and today was no different. Very busy day, heading back home, catching up with the boyfriend, and ended up not writing at all.


Been home ONE GODDAMN DAY and I’m sick.


Ditto. More sick than yesterday. No brain power to function, let alone write.


This week was kind of a bummer. I didn’t hit my 15k goal, only ended around 11,465, which is still good, but not where I wanted to be. I’m now at 42k total and hoping to finish 50k by Wednesday evening.

Things I learned:

  • Things come up. Some weeks are going to suck. But that doesn’t mean giving up is the answer. Push through.
  • Sometimes when you’re sick you need to take time to get better, even at the cost of your writing.
  • Plotting scenes before you write them helps your writing speed incredibly!

How is everyone else doing for Week 2? Hit 25k yet? Let me know in the comment section below how you’ve done, if you’re keeping up, falling behind, or need any help!

Stay classy internet!

PS: My last virtual write-in with the WordNerds is this Wednesday November 21st at 2pm EST! So come out, have some virtual fun, and ask any questions you might have for the panel!

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