NaNoWriMo 2016 – Week 3

Good afternoon everyone? How is Nano going?

NaNo week 3 is OVER, and I am officially a Nano-Winner! 😀 Could not be happier to be ahead of the game, especially after a lacklustre week of illness. Hit 50k Monday afternoon during my final co-hosting of live sprints with the Patchwork Press team! It was tons of fun, and got me over the finish line. I’m very grateful to everyone who stuck around for the extra sprint!

I was aiming for 10k this week, though I didn’t quite make it, I DID finish Nano, so I’m counting this as a win!


Stick so sick. Dying. Ugh. Was supposed to have a “write as much as we physically can” day with my writing buddies, but I could only get out 3198 words before supper. About 5k short of 50k at this point, so I’m not too upset.


More sick. More dying.


Ummm… someone’s water heater exploded in one of my neighbours townhouses and I woke up this morning to 3 inches of water in my spare bedroom. Took hours to deal with that, people coming in and out of my home all day. Add that to being sick, and you guessed it, 0 words done. And apparently now I have walls and a bunch of flooring in my place that is going to need to be ripped out.


Basically the same as yesterday. Lots of people. Lots of illness.


Whyyyyyyy illness, whyyyyyyy?! Starting to feel a bit better, but not much.




Though I don’t feel completely back to normal today, I feel A LOT better! Got SO much work in today, as well as 5241 words in to finally finish Nano! 😀


Though this week kind of sucked for a lot of reasons, and I didn’t even hit 10k, I’m very happy to be feeling better! This Nano-win is a big boost for me. I haven’t wrote this many words this fast in a LONG ass time, and I’m very happy with how things went. I know that if I hadn’t of gotten sick, I would have been done Nano SUPER early, and that shows SO much improvement in my writing speed!

Things I learned:

  • Being sick SUCKS TO BAD.
  • Water heaters can explode.
  • Recoup and get better so you can get back to writing!

How did everyone do for Week 3? We’re into the final stretch now! I hope lots of you are hitting your big 50k for the month!? Let me know in the comment section below how you’ve done, if you’re keeping up, falling behind, or need any help!

Stay classy internet!

PS: Though I won’t be part of it, the WordNerds have one more live-sprint write-in on their Channel this Sunday at 8pm EST! Be sure to check it out! I usually lurk in the comments. 😉 Happy writing!

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