Chronicles of Warshard

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Though the Chronicles of Warshard is a series of standalones, please see below for the recommended reading order:

  • Fyre
  • Haven
  • Savages
  • Ashen
  • The Blood Amulet

OR if you’d prefer to read them chronologically:

  • Savages
  • Fyre
  • The Blood Amulet
  • Haven
  • Ashen

Haven (Chronicles of Warshard #1)

Haven placed 2nd in the World’s Best Story contest 2015 and was released May 12th 2016.
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Haven_NEW remake

Princess Haven was never meant to be queen.

Her immortality has saved her time and time again, but when the last of her royal family dies at her feet, she is next in line to rule a nation on the brink of war. With no formal training, Haven must rise to the occasion with the help of her personal guards, or risk losing everyone she has ever loved.

Between assassination attempts and brutal scare tactics, the evil tyrant Kadia’s army is fast approaching. Haven’s neighbors are quick to fall under the swords of Kadia’s shadow soldiers, leaving a sea of bodies and a clear path to Haven’s only home.

Haven must make a choice; take her people and flee to the foreign Republic across the sea or lead a last stand against a powerful dictator.

Savages (Chronicles of Warshard #2)

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Ten years before Queen Kadia decimated the six kingdoms of Warshard, her interest lay in the unborn child of a Seaburn savage.

Savages_ new cover remake_close upThe Emperor’s reapers are coming.
There’s nothing Breen can do to stop it.

After her village is attacked, Breen is taken from her home to Seaburn Academy, where southern savages are broken and chained into a life of service. Through the beatings and the torture, Drakkone, one of the few soldiers against the mistreatment, brings solace to her days and gives her hope for the future.

When one night of unexpected passion turns into a problem bigger than either of them could have imagined, Breen and Drakkone must risk capture and flee the city or death might be a blessing compared to eternal imprisonment.

Ashen (Chronicles of Warshard #3)

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The world is made of monsters. Ashen_ NEW remake

Adni might be one of them.

After the Evil Queen Kadia razed Warshard, leaving thousands homeless or dead, many of Salander’s people fled to the Cinder Mountains, east of the six kingdoms, seeking refuge.

Adni, the daughter of a treasure hunter, has always despised her father’s bizarre occupation and loathes every family trip in search of riches. Always desperate for more, her father shoves her off a waterfall to retrieve treasure at the bottom of a lake. Instead, Adni is swept up in a violent underwater current, only to be rescued by Julian, a mysterious woman with a flirtatious smile.

Desperate to flee the oppression of her family and the mountains, Adni escapes with Julian to Salander in search of her real father – who might just be a worse monster than the man she left behind.

Fyre (Chronicles of Warshard #0.5)

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Join Haven and her siblings on four unique adventures in a time when war ravaged the six kingdoms… 

Fyre cover only_remakeHAVEN has always hated royal gatherings, and jumps at the chance to sneak away for a
race through town on horseback. But when the young princess is injured, her ancestry is brought into question.

Much is expected of the heir to the Rythern throne, but when LUCIAN is forced to leave the warfront by his father, his reluctant agreement comes at a price.

The battle for Helms Keep has disastrous consequences for MARCEL. Soon he finds himself fighting both enemy forces and his own memories.

ASTRID is sent to the family summer home in the Cinder Mountains for her own safety. Only she doesn’t expect the knee-high snow and frigid temperatures. With only her guards to protect her, Astrid must dig deeper than she ever thought herself capable of in order to survive.

The Blood Amulet: A Chronicles of Warshard Short Story

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Julian has only ever known darkness. Having spent most of her life trapped in the mountains alone with her mother, Julian is more than unprepared when her mother drops a bomb on her: there may be a way out.

Entering the six kingdoms, Julian is determined to bring down the dragon overlord’s keeping her mother enslaved. But she’ll have to face a lot more than crossing a country to find the one magical being with the power to bring down the dragons.