In the Works

The Darri Commission (Dominion Rising #3)

Adult, New Adult, Science Fiction

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Selene’s body is gone for good.
But that’s not the half of it.

The smugglers are reunited, the Alliance mole is dead, and though it should be a time for celebration, they’re not out of hot water just yet.

Selene’s clone body is dying, and she’ll have to make nice with a pirate captain to get a new one. But when Rem discovers Earth has been sold to a violent alien species, the smugglers and what’s left of the Alliance must join together with pirates to warn the world, or watch the only home they’ve ever known go up in smoke.

Join Selene, Rikkard and the rest of the crew in book three of the Dominion Rising series!

Editing in progress. THE DARRI COMMISSION releases June 12th 2018.

Queen of Thieves (Queen of Thieves #1)

Adult, New Adult, Steampunk, Fantasy 

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Steal to live, but never forget your brothers.

Narra Rheka has had the motto of the Thieves Guild burned inside her since she could speak. Born of two thieves, she’s a ruthless and deadly Commander, cold to all but her best friend.

But even a Commander with no troops can fall prey to a manipulative father with suspect intentions. Stuck under his thumb, she’s forced to obey him until the day he dies. Finally free of the man to torture her into the woman she is today, she should be happy. But even in death his voice haunts her.

Desperate for answers, Narra will make all the wrong choices to find out who killed her father. If she doesn’t suceed, she might go mad before she can avenge anyone.

Editing in progress. QUEEN OF THIEVES, coming in Summer 2018…

Storm Bringer (The Sea Witch #1)

Adult, New Adult, Fantasy

Sea Witch. Storm Bringer. Scourge of the Rupan Seas.

Fallen rule the South Sea, but that doesn’t stop pirate Captain Jacqueline Killian from commanding her own vessel. Blessed with the magics of a Sea Witch, Jack has had no trouble evading the vicious killers with a love for blood. Until the day one outsmarts her.

Captain Davon wants nothing more than to leave Rupan waters and find a new coast to ravage. But to do so, he’ll need the Blood Goblet, an ancient chalice blessed by the Sea Goddess herself. Davon will do anything to get it, including capture a Sea Witch.

She’s possibly the only thing at sea more dangerous than him, but with looks that could kill and a cutting tongue, Jack might just steal more than this pirate’s heart.

Outlining in progress. More on STORM BRINGER, coming late 2018…


The Silver Shifter (The Silver Shifter #1)

Adult, New Adult, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Reverse Harem

Ariana has been stuck inside a cage as long as she can remember.

From one master to the next, she hasn’t known kindness since her parents were alive, and even then, she never belonged to herself. When a handsome werewolf saves her from the fighting pits, Ariana’s life is turned upside down.

Thrown into a brand new world, Ariana discovers she’s not only a wolf, but the Silver Shifter, a being born every hundred years, and she’s supposed to be the last. But her hot new alpha is hiding more than he’s telling, including the alphas of the other New York packs.

Wolves. Dragons. Bears. Panthers. Each pack is holding back a secret from her, like why Ariana feels an unnatural pull to each.

**Reverse Harem series for ages 18+**

Writing in progress. More on THE SILVER SHIFTER, coming late 2018.

A Deadly Dynasty (A Deadly Dynasty #1)

Adult, New Adult, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal

Petra was born to hunt vampires, but when an undercover mission to infiltrate an ancient vampire society goes wrong, she’ll be caught between two gorgeous men, a vampire queen, and her own lies.

Plotting in progress. More on A DEADLY DYNASTY, coming late 2018.

Phoenix Lost (Rise of Fire #1)

Adult, New Adult, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Dystopian, Reverse Harem

One day I will be consumed by fire.
But not today.

I’m a girl without a name. Years ago, I woke in a field of ash and blood. Smoke and chaos surrounded me. Humans used and abused me. But I survived.

I survived it all.

When the vampires took the world back into an old age of shadow, I thought life was over, but for me… it’s just beginning.

When I meet a man my skin doesn’t burn, I think I’ve found the one. Then a hellhound brings his master to me and I’ve never felt so alive. Suddenly, not one but four of the most beautiful supernatural men alive, and one irresistible kitsune woman are immune to my power, but can I open up after a hundred years of solitude?

The walls I’ve spent a century erecting are crumbling fast, and if I can’t stop it, I might just bring the whole world to hell with me.

**Reverse Harem series for ages 18+**

Plotting in progress. More on PHOENIX LOST, coming in 2019.


Sanctum (Sanctum Saga #1)

New Adult, Science Fiction, Fantasy

Sanctum placed 6th in the World’s Best Story contest 2014. Coming late 2017.

Sanctum cover
Placeholder cover illustrated by myself.

For the last 3000 years Skye has had one goal in mind, revenge. After her jealous half-brother, Luca destroys her family and flees to Earth from their home planet, Skye is forced to follow, making the biggest decision of her life; vengeance over her own people. Searching this unfamiliar world, Skye must face her own demons to find him in the city that started it all, Sanctum.

Gathering friends and enemies alike, Skye must battle the odds, using her many abilities to find and outwit her brother who always seems to be just out of reach. With a vengeful heart, will Skye finally bring some justice to the life she’s been handed or will Luca finally wipe out the last of her royal family?

SANCTUM is the story of a powerful woman who is not willing to give up, no matter how many misfortunes befall her. With a unique twist on classic superhero tales, Skye will fight until her very last breath to bring justice to her family. Or die trying.

Large edit/re-write in progress. More information coming soon…


  • Fury: A Chronicles of Warshard short story collection


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