Nanoprep: Character Worksheet (2016)

Hey guys! NaNoWriMo is almost here!! Can you even believe it?

I haven’t spent as much time Nanoprepping as I probably should have this year, given I was trying desperately to finish writing the Queen of Thieves before November. Somehow I finished it over a week early (woo!), so that’s giving me some extra time to figure out everything.

For this year’s Nano project, I’ll be writing the sequel to Haven, which is pretty exciting, let me tell yah. SAVAGES is going to be a fun, although very dark YA project, which actually kind of works since QoT was really dark too and I’m already in the mindset for that!

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Nanowrimo Prep: Character Worksheet Exercise

Welcome back to Nanoprep everyone!

Today I thought we’d do something a liiiittle different. Instead of my blathering on about things, I thought it’d be fun to do a character worksheet together! But Kat, what is a character worksheet, you may ask? Well my young (or old?) friend, it is basically a bio about your character. You could do it about the villain in your story, your protagonist, his/her best friend, family members, etc.

For this little exercise I will be using Pen and Muse‘s character worksheet that you can easily find here. Be sure to check them out, as they’re both very smart ladies with great advice!

For the purpose of this exercise I’m going to use my character Haven (MC of Haven, duh lol) instead of Selene (who’s from the story I’ll be writing for Nano). The reason for this is, Selene is a terrible example. She has some memory loss issues that could prevent me from answering these questions to their fullest potential. So Haven it is!

So I’m going to jump right to it, and occasionally I’ll put some comments in italics if I have anything helpful to add.

Main Characters name: Haven Delyth Fyre

Age: 19

Physical Appearance: Haven has amber eyes, and long wavy brown hair that ends in red at the tips. She has olive skin, a striking jaw line and a heart shaped face.

Generally I don’t go more into a physical appearance than this, especially when writing. The looks of a characters should come up organically, not all at once. No one wants to read a long fancy paragraph description on the bridge of your characters nose or the way their hair looks in the morning sun. Your writing should be brief and descriptive enough that your reader knows what your character looks like, and fills in the blanks with their own imagination.

Personality Traits: Haven is introverted in the beginning, emotional, spoiled, and ignorant to the world outside herself and her castle. She’s been very much so kept in a bubble most of her life, easily giving up on activities, classes and training when it suits her. However, this all changes when she is made Queen. Haven becomes reckless, selfless, confident and a leader.

Generally I don’t like to focus on how a character begins so much as their transition to how they end up. I think a changing character is very important to a novel, and makes them less of a Mary-Sue and more of a unique and dynamic person.

Favorite Things: Her 3 guard friends are most certainly her favorite thing in the world. Without them, she wouldn’t be who she is, past and present. She also loves the beauty of nature, her horse Wren and the castle gardens.

Flaws: Gives up easily, ignorant, reckless.

Quirks/Character Traits: Very unobservant. Throughout the book this becomes a bit of a theme (or joke), as Haven does not observe the little things.

Love Interest: (Ahem, not giving this away but there is one.)

What does your MC really want? Haven’s main goal is to save her people and destroy the evil Queen Kadia before she destroys them.

What changes about your character through your story? Throughout Haven’s story, she goes from a quiet introvert to a mostly confident queen. (I don’t want to spoil more than this.)

Father/Mother/Siblings and their ages: Her father is King Keane Fyre (50), her mother is Queen Denica Fyre (40s), her two brothers (both in their twenties) are deceased as well, and her only living relative is her younger sister Astrid, who is about 15 when the main story takes place.

Friends/Ages: Blythe (22), Lareina (20), Malka (21), Emeril (22), and Toma (40s)

Enemies/Forces against the MC: Evil Queen Kadia and her army.

Keep in mind while I’m writing this I’m trying to keep out major plot points, some characters, and most spoilers considering Haven isn’t out yet. If I was making this solely for myself, it would be much more detailed. So I expect it to should be a little more detailed for the rest of you. 😉

So what did everyone think of this exercise? Yay or nay? If you did give it a go, feel free to drop a comment on how you did (or post your character sheet if you really want to!). If you didn’t do it, why not? If you answer that you don’t have the time for this, how on earth are you going to make time for Nano? JUST SAYING.

Well that’s all for me today ladies and gents!

Stay classy internet!