Fyre Cover Reveal

In case you aren’t subscribed to my newsletter – which let’s be real here, you should be – you might have missed something pretty spectacular yesterday.

Not only did I announce my coming publishing schedule for the next couple of months, but I also revealed the cover for my first ever short story collection: Fyre.

Fyre is a set of short stories in the Haven universe, not long before the book actually begins. But before I get into that, I suppose I should tell you what I’m publishing when, first.

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Divided by Sharon M. Johnston PRICE DROP

divedpricedropIn preparation for the release of SHATTERED: An Open Heart Novel Book 2, you can grab DIVIDED: An Open Heart Novel Book 1 for only 99c!

A new heart should mean new life, instead it’s a living nightmare.

Mishca Richardson’s life is at an all-time high after her heart transplant. With new boyfriend, Ryder, she has the perfect summer romance. Even the nightmares plaguing her sleep since her operation can’t dull her new dream world.

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In the Works 2016

A year ago today I wrote a post called “In the Works”. Since it’s been a year, I figured it was about dang time I wrote a new one, and let you guys know all about what mischief I’m currently getting into!

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Coffee Talk & Book Signing!

Hey guys! Guess what? My first ever Coffee Talk & Book Signing is just weeks away!

If you live in the Saint John, or surrounding area, I encourage you to come out to Indigo East Point October 8th between 2-4pm where I’ll be reading an excerpt from Haven, answering your questions, and of course, signing your books!

Books will be available on site if you don’t already have one. I’ll be handing out FREE Haven bookmarks as well, so if anything, you walk away with free swag!

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Editing & Tips to speed up the process

Good afternoon everyone!

It’s been a little while since I talked editing. We all know editing can be a gruelling process, but there are plenty of ways to speed things up and get your book in the best of shape. If you’re a good multi-tasker, that’s a great place to start. Have an outline? Even better!

Check out the video below for my tips:

Thanks for stopping by!

Stay classy internet.


The day is here, and it is official. HAVEN IS PUBLISHED!!!

It feels like I’ve been waiting forever for this to happen. After a few issues in production,
and a long editing process it felt as if HAVEN would never get off the ground. But here we are. HAVEN is now available on the Friesen Press bookstore. You can pick it up in ebook, Haven coverpaperback or hardcover. It’ll be available at other online retailers soon, but in the mean time, Friesen Press is your golden ticket to the Warshard world!

You can BUY IT HERE.

Before you go, hopefully off to read HAVEN, I’d like to thank the World’s Best Story contest and the Friesen Press team for making my dream a reality. To my best friend Shelyse, for putting up with my revisions and nagging to read the early drafts, and to my parents for being supportive through it all. THANK YOU guys, and thank you to every one of my friends and family who have supported me through this endeavour.

I hope you all love HAVEN half as much as I do!

Stay classy internet!

PS – You can also add HAVEN on Goodreads and leave a review if you like it!


Princess Haven was never meant to be Queen.

Her immortality has saved her time and time again, but when the last of her royal family dies at her feet, she is next in line to rule a nation on the brink of war. With no formal training on how to be Queen, Haven must rise to the occasion with the help of her best friends, and personal guard, or risk losing everyone she has ever loved.

With war to the West, and no escape to the East, the evil tyrant Kadia sets her sights on the six kingdoms. Haven’s neighbors are quick to fall under the swords of Kadia’s shadow soldiers, leaving a sea of bodies and a clear path to Haven’s only home. Haven must make a choice; take her people and flee to the foreign Republic across the sea or lead a last stand against a powerful dictator.

Read the first 3 chapters for free! Chapter one. 

New Youtube Channel announcement!

For a while now I’ve been thinking about whether I should separate my writing material from my mostly gaming/review channel, and create something new JUST for writers and readers. Last week I finally decided that THIS IS THE WAY TO GO, so low and behold, I have a new SOLELY WRITING channel!

The announcement went up yesterday on my usual channel, so if you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check it out and leave me suggestions for what you’d like to see on the new channel!

You can find my new Youtube Channel HERE.

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I’ve been meaning to do this for some time now, and with Haven just a couple weeks from release, I’d say it’s about time!

Without further ado, this is the cover I came up with, with the help of Friesen Press and their graphic designers:

Haven cover.jpg

Personally, I think it does a great job of conveying everything I’ve ever wanted in my cover. I couldn’t be more in love with the font, editing and overall image. I do hope everyone loves it as much as I do, and feel free to share with your friends!

Now for something equally as exciting! I’m going to be giving away an ARC (advanced readers copy) of Haven to one random commenter. The winner will be chosen a week from today. So please comment below on this post for a chance to win a free ebook!

Thank you all for your support, and I’m so excited to share HAVEN with you!

Stay classy internet!

Review of Gifted by Liz Long

Gifted (Donovan Circus, #1)Gifted by Liz Long
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I debated for a little while whether I wanted to make this a 3 or a 4. I really think this book is a 3.5 right in the middle.

GIFTED is set in a world where there are two groups of people, humans, and gifted. Our main character Lucy is from the latter. Lucy is a bad ass fire wielding young adult learning to control her powers AND her emotions. When her mother passes she returns to her old life with a gifted group of people at the Donovan Circus. Right off the bat this plot is set up for some good stuff! I’m a big fan of powers, superheroes and the like, so if you are too, don’t be afraid to give this book a whirl!

Now for my feelings on this book, I’m first going to explain why the lower than average rating for myself. GIFTED was a decent read, and definitely gripped me through the second half. From the point of view of a writer, this book started off a bit slower, with questionable writing at times. I could definitely see the writing improve as the book went on, but there were still times where scenes dragged, were over explained or character dialogue went too long. I also had a hard time connecting with Lucy as a character and didn’t enjoy her POV too much until around chapter 5-6, which is very strange for me. If I had not already bought the book and had just borrowed from a friend, I may not have kept reading. BUT I am glad I did.

There is a certain scene in the book at a bar, where if you can get to it, you know this is the point where the story picks up and you’re good to go for the rest of the book! WAIT FOR THAT POINT! It will be worth it. After this (between chapter 5-8 somewhere I think) the book gets very interesting, we get a feel for the plot, the characters and the stakes. I can definitely see the bigger picture in this world and am glad that Ms. Long didn’t make this a one off. I can see this being a great series and I do look forward to reading the rest.

I understand the struggles of a writer, and I know how hard it is to write a book and put it out there for consumption, as well as self-pub and edit everything yourself, so given all of this, I think Ms. Long did a great job and I’m sure she has only improved from here! I will be buying BURNED as soon as I’m done with this review! If you haven’t bought GIFTED yet, what are you waiting for?!

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