Join the AAYAA Scavenger Hunt!

Good evening everyone!

I’m so excited to announce that next month I will be part of a HUGE scavenger hunt hosted by the Alliance of Young Adult Authors (which includes me)! This is a chance to meet some new authors, grab a bunch of free books, and sign up to win a whole bunch of epic prizes!

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Savages Cover Reveal

I’ve been absolutely DYING to share this with you guys! The cover has been finished for a few weeks now (because I suck at waiting to do things), and at last it’s time to share the cover for Savages with you all!

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Fyre Cover Reveal

In case you aren’t subscribed to my newsletter – which let’s be real here, you should be – you might have missed something pretty spectacular yesterday.

Not only did I announce my coming publishing schedule for the next couple of months, but I also revealed the cover for my first ever short story collection: Fyre.

Fyre is a set of short stories in the Haven universe, not long before the book actually begins. But before I get into that, I suppose I should tell you what I’m publishing when, first.

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Faithful by Michelle Hauck is here!

The next volume in the Birth of Saints series is available now!

Following Grudging–and with a mix of Terry Goodkind and Bernard Cornwall–religion, witchcraft, and chivalry war in Faithful, the exciting next chapter in Michelle Hauck’s Birth of Saints series!

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Haven is only $0.99 cents!!

Incase you’ve been waiting to pick up Haven, now is the time!

You can pick up Haven now, on amazon, for ONLY $0.99 cents! This sale will only last until the 13th, so get it NOW while can!

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Haven Goodreads Giveaway!

Hey guys!

Pleased to announce that I’m running a giveaway on Goodreads for 1 signed paperback of HAVEN! It takes 2 seconds to enter, and costs you zilch. If you love fantasy, YA, and bad ass ladies, why not enter?

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Haven by Katherine Bogle


by Katherine Bogle

Giveaway ends October 31, 2016.

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at Goodreads.

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The giveaway runs until Oct. 31st so enter while you can!

Stay classy internet!

Grave Mercy Review

Grave Mercy (His Fair Assassin, #1)Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Assassins, political intrigue and a romance to make you blush and swoon – usually on the same page.

Grave Mercy was one hell of a ride. From a small town country girl, to the Duchess’s palace, Ismae follows her own path to freedom, away from her oppressors. I love fantasy, particularly historical fiction, preferably with badass ladies. This book has it in spades! Ismael is a strong character, coming out of a terrible childhood, to a forceful (and very brief) marriage, to her calling in life as Saint Mortain’s Daughter, deliverer or both wrath and mercy. The concept for this book blew me away, giving me HIGH hopes! It did NOT disappoint.

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Divided by Sharon M. Johnston PRICE DROP

divedpricedropIn preparation for the release of SHATTERED: An Open Heart Novel Book 2, you can grab DIVIDED: An Open Heart Novel Book 1 for only 99c!

A new heart should mean new life, instead it’s a living nightmare.

Mishca Richardson’s life is at an all-time high after her heart transplant. With new boyfriend, Ryder, she has the perfect summer romance. Even the nightmares plaguing her sleep since her operation can’t dull her new dream world.

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In the Works 2016

A year ago today I wrote a post called “In the Works”. Since it’s been a year, I figured it was about dang time I wrote a new one, and let you guys know all about what mischief I’m currently getting into!

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Haven blog tour & giveaway!

Morning everyone!

Long time no see! I have a few things to update everyone on, including a giveaway! Enter the rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win one of 20 ebook copies of Haven + one lucky winner will also get a 15$ amazon gift card! Entering is easy, just follow the link below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now for the book blog tour! Part of my prize from coming in 2nd in the World’s Best Story contest was a book blog tour. So, I’ve partnered with iRead Book Tours to bring a couple weeks of spotlights, guest posts, reviews and interviews for all of you! If you want to see what’s going on, check out my iRead tour schedule HERE. I’ll also be posting quite a bit over on twitter and Facebook, so if you miss a post, they’ll all be linked there, typically on the day they’re posted by the blogger.

That’s all I have for now! I should be getting back to a more regular posting schedule now that the summer is dying down. If you have any suggestions of blog topics, book to read, or youtube writerly videos, let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading, and stay classy internet! 😉